5 Healthy Study Tip during Exam

1. Get it done early in the morningYou concentrate better
during the early hours of the morning at about 7am after
your light breakfast before lunch. This is due to morning
energy which helps you relax and destress. It would be
better if you workout for half an hour before study.

2. Study at maximum 6 hours a dayUsually, the material we

study after 6 hours will go into waste due to the exhausted
mind. Solution is, try having a few hours relax by watching
TV, Radio or even workout.

3. Off your TV, Laptop or InternetThese are the main factor of

distraction for not studying and it is 100% true, I've wasting
2 days ONLINE and not studying so off your internet or
computer or TV.

4. Eat fruit and Drink WaterEat lots of fruit as it contains

vitamins, nutrients and most importantly lasting energy.
Try having fruit for breakfast and snacks while you are
studying, it worked~!. Besides, water helps keep you
refreshed and stops you from getting mentally foggy so its a
good habits in exam week!

5. Don’t stress! Stress never work outI realise beign stress will

never help you to pass your exam. When a person is
stressed, work will never get done therefore no point being
so stress out. Relax and enjoy studying because not only you
are facing exams, many others are in the same boat. So,
ignore the word stress and move on.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Lagu Tema Hari Guru 2009

Bersedia melangkah megah
Walaupun sukar baktiku curah
Demi mu ibu pertiwi
Sumpah ku lafaz janji kukota

Berikrar eratkan bangsa
Kukuhkan cinta kepada Negara
Berjasa terus berjasa
Menyebarkan ilmu tiada batasnya

Guru Pembina Negara Bangsa
Gagah perjuangkan visi Negara
Bangunkan jiwa yang pelbagai rupa
Demi agama dan nusa tercinta

Guru Pembina Negara Bangsa
Tetap Unggul senadakan suara
Sehaluan menggapai matlamatnya
Cemerlang dan gemilangkan Malaysia

Pencipta Lagu : Khairulrizam bin Khalid
Pencipta Lirik : Ili Nurbahirah bt Baharudin
Pengubah Muzik : Marzuki bin Tambi